Meeting of TMM members

Date: October 14, 2001

Time : 15:00

Place : Embassy of India, Kudanshita


Since Dr. Bapat decided to resign the post of  the president of the Tokyo Marathi Mandal a meeting of the members wasMembers attending the meeting organized to decide the following things.

 1. How do we take the Mandal forward?

2. Do we form a committee to look after the working of the Mandal henceforth?

The meeting was attended by Mantri kaka, Dr. Bapat, Tsuneko Bapat, APS Mani (ICAT), Damodar Lele, Rahul Deo, Shrikant Atre, Rajiv Nagras, Sudarshan Kulkarni, Yogesh Dawalbhakta, Mandar Parasnis, Sushrut Potdar, Rahul Parasnis, Sunitee Parasnis, Abhijit Vaidya and  Malvika Vaidya.

Various views were expressed by the attendees.

Members attending the meetingDr. Bapat said that he has been looking after the Mandal and its activities for the past 6 years. He had thought of forming a committee for organizing programs during last year’s Ganpati festival. But was not able to get much response from the members. Since people will not take the matter seriously until he is there  he decided to resign. He also said that  we need to involve more and more people in this activity and each member must feel that it is his/her responsibility to run the mandal if he/she wants the mandal.

Some expressed the view that since Dr. Bapat has decided to resign he should be given rest which he deserves while a few said they wanted him to remain as a President. About  the formation of committee the following views were expressed. It was discussed how many  members there should be in the committee and what should be the structure of the committee. To start withMembers attending the meeting, the coordinators of various events should become committee members since they have the knowledge and past experience. The other view that came forward was that there should be a committee with a President , a secretary and the committee.The members should discontinue being members of the committee after 2 years of completion to allow new faces to come in. The committee work should continue like the Rajya Sabha of India. The committee members should have the flexibility of creating new programs and to bring in new ideas. It was said that we should also have area wise representatives to network with local members. For example we have lot of people living in the Chiba area. One more point that came forward that we should  encourage active participation of women. There are many miscellaneous tasks that can be taken over from Dr. Bapat. Dr. Bapat should list down the tasks involved in the working of  the Mandal . Then the committee members should take on tasks in the list which they can. But it was generally felt that the notice period given by Dr. Bapat was too short. He should continue for at least one more year to ensure smooth transition.

Finally the meeting ended with the following conclusions :


  1. There should be a 10 member committee.Members attending the meeting
  2. A meeting should be organized for the  formation of the committee.
  3. Rahul Deo being the secretary presently, should look after the organizing of the meeting for the formation of the committee.
  4. Members who volunteered to be on the committee.

    1. Shrikant Atre
    2. Sudarshan Kulkarni
    3. Yogesh Dawalbhakta
    4. Mandar Parasnis
    5. Rahul Parasnis
    6. Abhijit Vaidya
    7. Rajiv Nagras
    8. Damodar Lele

    Dr. Naresh Mantri will act as an advisor.

  5. Since there are 2 more vacancies in the committee TMM members will be requested  to come forward to join in the  formation of  the  committee.
  6. Dr. Bapat has not yet confirmed whether he will continue as the President. He said he will continue if only certain conditions are fulfilled. The first condition he has put is that he gets enough Marathi volunteers for managing the reception desk at the time of ICAT Diwali.


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